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The consumer is more aware than ever about the power he/she wields. At Rising Tide, we aim to help businesses connect with the modern, smarter customer by telling stories that resonate, stories that humanize businesses and create opportunities for these clients.


Communication in its purest, most value-driven form is a two-way dialogue. At Rising Tide, we eschew the old ways of selling/advertising that are dominated by a "sell-at-all-cost" approach. In all that we do, we seek to communicate brand and individual stories in a way that people can identify with.


Human beings are central to everything we do at Rising Tide. Our campaigns, stories, strategies, and ideas are all tailored towards humanizing our clients and selling them as partners-in-progress.


Rising Tide is a 360 media communications firm that has at its core, a flair/passion for telling stories. We believe that the relationship between business and customers should be beyond making a sale and go into the realms of adding value beyond good/services.

We are a digitally-focused media and communications firm. We help brands/individuals put their best foot forward on the internet.

At Rising Tide, we understand how dynamics such as changes in demographics, consumerism, ethics, technology and other factors influence marketing/brand building on the web.

Using storytelling, technology, and good-old-fashioned copywriting, we seek to create an emotional connection between our partner brands and customers; giving room for effective two-way communication.

Our Services.

We work with you, Not for you
Social Media

Social media has become the tool of choice for businesses of all sizes to reach new markets Rising Tide

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The cliche “content is king” is one that Rising Tide buys into fully As a consequence, we have developed

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Online Reputation Management

What businesses, brands, and individuals say about themselves is very important Just as important is what is being said

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Digital Communication/Marketing Advisory

With each passing day, more businesses are coming online with a view to increasing patronage At  Rising Tide, we

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